Architecture model construction

You search a model which corresponds to 100% to your plans?

You would like to visualise your plans as a working model to be able to check and discuss them better

Customary methods are too expensive or it lasts too long to get the finished model?

Try it with 3D pressure.

We print models after your graduations and images for you. Find out without obligations.
We make presentation models, working models, competitive models, town planning models or scenery models.


Special models and advertising gifts

You search a special present for your customers or yourself?

You would like to marry and search wedding cake figures which really correspond to you as a pair?

You would like to make yourself, your customers, children, domestic animals or logos into a sculpture?

You wish the sculpture should be a candle?

You have other vision of an individual present? We realise your wishes with the help of the 3D-printing.





3D design

You have an idea which you would like to visualise?

You would like to print a prototype?

We form 3D-files and objects by your wishes and default and send the printed 3D-object comfortably to your desirable address. Besides, it is irrelevant what you would like to realise and in which material. Just ask us or request for a non-binding offer. A discretion explanation to your security you can find here (LINK).


3D scanning

You would like to capture youself, your children or your domestic animal for an everlasting moment? Or do you have a certain object or tools that you would like to scan and duplicate? We scan for you in 3D and print out the desired sculpture in your chosen material. You get it home comfortably and can enjoy your unique copy. Besides using our portable scanner, we also provide all scanning facilities in our figurenWERK-store in Berlin.


Rent a 3D printer

You would like to offer a centre of attraction in your exhibition stand to your fair visitors and directly want to produce GiveAways?
You want to inspire a company presentation, an appearance or another event with you with 3D-print-innovation?
We rent the newest generation of desktop 3D printers with heatable baseplate,
to a construction space of more than 20 cm x 20 cm x to 20 cm and a LCD display.
We use exclusively Premium-Filamente (PLA/PHA) material.
Contact us. We discuss it with pleasure.


3D data processing and data change

Do you have 3D-or CAD data and to print? We offer you to check this and process when required in such a way that you can realise this easily on the 3D-printer of your choice. Of course we also print it for you.


3D data conversion

You have printable data and these data do not have the right format to print them on the desired 3D-printer? Send us your data and we convert this for you into the 3D-print format.


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