Hemispheres / a monk as a candle

Project background:
With her graphic arts Novel Hemispheres cause a stir in Berlin / Brandenburg nowadays. The team around Sasha Grusche and Christopher De La Garza produces the futuristic Graphic Novel with the monk David Shakara as a central figure. David Shakara is a Buddhist monk who is burst in the year 2027 between his life in the cloister and the big-city society. Besides, his history can be experienced by the spectator respectively reader by photo-realistic drawings. Topically Hemispheres on many exhibitions are staying and in the middle of 2014 the hard cover novella with the title "Corpus Separatum" is for sale.
Hemispheres came to us with the request to realise the central figure of the Graphic Novel – the monk David Shakara.
The special wish: Please make the monk from beeswax.
For this kind of order the 3D-printing is ideal. First a virtual 3D-figure is provided by scanning the protagonist. The so won data, are reworked and printed out on a 3D-printer. Then the next process provides for the fact that from the virtual 3D-figure Shakara, the real monk's figure from wax may arise.

Graphic Novel Hemispheres
Graphic Novel Hemispheres
Monk 3D-Scan
3D-figure monk
3D-Figures digital
3D printet candle
3D-Figures monk candle
candle from 3D-printer

Visualisation of psychometrical measurements

Project backgroundThe BiTs (business and information Technology School) is a stately approved private college with headquarter in Berlin. Since October, 2013 the BiTS carries out a project in cooperation with the BTK (Berlin technical art college) which deals with the visualisation of psychometrical measurements. Within the scope of the „Lange Nacht der Wissenschaften 2014“ the basic idea of the research project should be introduced with the help of a catchy representation and be made discernible for the visitor.OrderFor the „Lange Nacht der Wissenschaften 2014“ which took place in Berlin and Potsdam we were asked to help with the visualisation of generated data by a 3D-object. Specifically the stamping should be shown to visitors and employees of the colleges on different personality dimensions. "Big Five" (conscientiousness, extra version, compatibility, neuroticism and openness for new experiences) were raised with an anonymous questionnaire. A base of the elective visualisation form were so-called Chernoff Faces. This means two-dimensional graphics, which allow an untrained viewer intuitively to group upraised data in different classes. For the „Lange Nacht“, Chernoff Faces were converted in virtual 3D-masks and printed out on 3D-printers in polymer gypsum by us. In the approach of the exhibition 11 masks were produced and later arranged by a student of the BTK. Then the visitors could fill live on site the test which offered the basis for the evaluation of the personality data and look "her" mask with the help of a simulation. Therefore they themselves could understand as the issued masks have originated and which statement one can meet with the help of her variabilities and resemblances. By other elements of the exhibition the visitors found out about the project and the research bases. In one of our 3D-printers, we printed out, in addition, small simulations of the masks which were taken as a souvenirs from the “Lange Nacht”. We were allowed to follow the complete process of the consultation to the representation of the data as a virtual 3D-mask, about the production up to the presentation on the long night of the sciences it accompany and it has been an honour and a really exciting project. In this case 3D-print is optimally suitable, because every mask is a unique specimen during your production. Also the 3D-printer turned out directly on site as a true public magnet. A specific feature: the masks are only 2 mm thick and became very stable by a special aftercare. In this manner we could reach that the masks are light and a little adaptably at the same time. The result: The break danger of the polymer gypsum was significantly reduced. A cast down test from 1.50-m height didn’t break the masks.

More informationen: Chernoff-Gesichter, The faces of the "Big Five".


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