3D-printing is an additive manufacturing method which has its origin in Rapidly Prototyping. For 3D-printing you need an idea from which you can form a 3D-model. Starting with the idea an with the help of these 3D‑model a real, physical object can be built up.
Moreover different 3D-print procedures are available which differ in the used material, the detailed loyalty and firmness – decisively by the 3D-hardware. Shortly: the used 3D-printer.
Very briefly: 3D-printing converts ideas into real, touchable objects.


Areas of application in the 3D-printing

The areas of application of the 3D-printing are multifaceted. Everywhere where only low numbers of pieces in manufacturing are needed, the 3D-printing is more favourable, in any and often exacter than traditional methods. It makes no difference in the 3D-printing whether you need a single, individual piece, ten or hundred. The price of the provided object stays the same.
So the 3D-printing is suited in particular in Rapidly Prototyping, (architecture) model construction, advertising gifts, individual presents, tool construction, medical products, selfportraits, jewellery, robot etc., however, also measure Customization. Before deciding for a lifelike figurine of you or your pet, feel free to visit our figurenWERK store in Berlin or our figurenWERK website to browse around our large collections of 3D-figurines and to get inspiration for your own.


3D-printing methods

The 3D-printing methods that are available today, are varied and get more and more. The most popular ones are:


3D-printing file formats


3D-printing materials

The procedures are as variously as the materials with which (3D-printing) is possible. The best known and from most conventional printers used material(evidence) is (bio) a plastic. Popular representatives of this kind are:

Higher-quality printers also use other materials. Examples:


Offers from voxelwerk

Basically it is possible to get a product in all variations and materials you wish to have. Just ask if you have special wishes.

Voxelwerk has specialised themselves in architecture model construction and individual presents in the paper printing method. This procedure is very exact, full-coloured and connected with up to 50 times more favorable expenses than other comparable procedures. If you are interested in this, look to our offer, visit one of our Workshops or contact us. We are glad about your questions and will answer them with pleasure!


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